Profile of the Japan Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Association

Japan Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Association (JEPSRA)

6F Shouwaakihabara Building, 2-20 Sakuma-cho, Kanda
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Tel /Fax

May 20, 1991

Principal Functions:
1. Promotion of recycling expanded polystyrene
2. Spreading of correct understanding about expanded polystyrene
3. Development of usage of recycled expanded polystyrene
4. Development of machinery and facilities to promote 1. and 3. above
5. Exchanging information and cooperation with related overseas organizations

Member companies
(5 companies and 1 organization):

Achilles Corporation
Kanegafuchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Foam Plastic Corp.

Japan Foam Styrene Industry Association
(167 companies)

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