Recycling Rate (Results)

Aiming for 70% Recycling Rate by 2005.

There are more than 1000 recycling sites, at which 39% of polystyrene foam distributed was recycled in 2002.
JEPSRA is aiming to raise this rate to 40% by 2005.

Volume recycled ⁄ Recycling Rate(Investigation data in 2002)

including Thermal Recycling, 65% of Polystyrene Foam Finds Effective Use (heat recovery)

Dirty or unclassified polystyrene foam which is not suited to material recycling can be effectively used through combustion for power generation.
Polystyrene foam is an efficient resource for thermal recycling because the foam generates as much energy as heavy oil when it is burnt.

Today, 26% of polystyrene foam is being used in thermal recycling, meaning that 65% is being used effectively when material recycling is included.